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The CL5 V3 is a 5 head filling machine designed to fill and seam standard aluminium cans. It is specifically designed for the craft beverage environment where space can be a governing factor. Although it is a compact machine, it still carries all the equipment of the larger units.

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900mm diameter table with variable speed, this will help you get better productivity from the canning line, automatically providing a consistent flow of cans.


Date coder that is pre-programmed and customisable date and time formats to match every customer need, avoid errors and save time. A Rotary Can Feed is also required for the Date Coder to be added. Not available for non-UK orders.


LA3000 Label Applicator

Our latest addition the LA3000 labelling system is capable of applying patch or full wrapround labels to straightsided cylindrical cans from 250ml through to 500ml and has a throughput of 3,000 cans per hour.

Herma 152CB Wraparound Labelling System

The Herma is a fully automatic labeller with the exceptional speed, flexibility and dependability that sets the machine apart from the competition, with a Can Per Hour (CPH) of 3,500

900mm table with variable speed, you can speed the table up or down dependant on the speed you are packing at and holds 120 cans.


United Kingdom delivery, training and set up. Price on request for non-UK orders.


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