Micro Can Canning Machines

CL5 V3e

CL5 V3e   £61,500

Product Description

The CL5 V3e is a 5-head filling machine designed to fill and seam standard aluminium cans. It is specifically designed for the craft beverage environment where space can be a governing factor. Although it is a compact machine, it still carries all the equipment of the larger units.

The CL5 V3e canning line has a footprint of 3600mm x 700mm. The throughput of cans is between 1,500 and 2,200 cans per hour, this is based on the can size, equipment supplying the fluid and temperature. As an example a 330ml can, packaging beer is 2,000 cans per hour. Throughput can be increased via speed control valves, once the customer is competent with the operation. These speeds are based on the correct presentation of product.