CL5 V3 Linear

The CL5 V3 is a 5 head filling machine designed to fill and seam standard aluminium cans. It is specifically designed for the craft beverage environment where space can be a governing factor. The machine can be static or used as a mobile unit. Although it is a compact machine it still carries all the equipment of the larger units.

The CL5 V3 canning line has a footprint of 3500mm x 700mm. The throughput of cans is between 1500 and 2200 cans per hour, this is based on the can size, equipment supplying the fluid and temperature. As an example a 330ml can, packaging beer is 2000 cans per hour. Throughput can be increased via speed control valves, once the customer is competent with the operation. These speeds are based on the correct presentation of product.

The CL5 V3 machine comes fitted with user touch screen to enable operators to start and stop the machine, test single functions, set fill and fob level and change times. All machines have built-in WiFi to connect the machine to the buildings’ internet. This allows Micro Can to connect to the machine for fault diagnosis and software update.

Machine specification

  • Stainless steel box section support frame with drip tray.
  • 3500mm conveyor throughout machine creating accumulation at start and end.
  • 5 x Gas purge ports for fill pre purge.
  • Digital Gas flow meter with alarm, allows control of gas to minimise waste.
  • 5 x 316 stainless steel bottom closing pneumatically operated filling valves.
  • Single lid slide with lid cassette sensor, lid jam sensor and auto top up sensor.
  • Lid in place sensor before seamer.
  • Lid tamp bar before seamer.
  • Single head seamer fully adjustable for most can sizes no spacers required.
  • Industry leading seamer tooling supplied by metal box
  • Can wash and high pressure blow off built in.
  • Compressed air supply low level alarm.
  • Pre start diagnostic check of all cylinder operation.
  • Compressed air and purge gas filtration and regulation.
  • Built in WiFi for connection to the internet for remote support.
  • Audible and visual warning for alarms and current status.
  • C.I.P sequence for adequate cleaning of up to 70 degrees.

Fully Automated Canning System

The CL5 is the must-have fully integrated, automated canning solution that cleans, fills and seals cans ready for sale or retail.

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