The IMP2 is a 2 head filling and seaming machine designed to fill and seam standard Aluminium cans within the beverage industry. This machine has been specifically designed for one-person operation in either a semi-automatic mode or end to end fully automatic with additional equipment that can be added at any time. The speed is dependant on can size and type of beverage but in testing and accumulated feedback it can comfortably run at 720 330ml cans per hour.

With a standalone footprint of only 1100mm long x 600mm deep and available with castors or fixed feet, the IMP2 can be moved out of the way when not required and stored in a corner.

Without compromise

Although the IMP2 is a small machine it still has most of the qualities of our CL5. It still has all the safety equipment required to meet CE approval and maintains functionality. Although the machine’s throughput is slower than our larger machines the end quality is the same. The IMP2 has the same pre-purge hardware to ensure the cans are correctly purged whilst minimising the usage of CO2. The filling system and control is the same as the larger machines to ensure a correct fill with the correct amount of foam in place to maintain minimal DO results where necessary.

Unlike some of the more manual 2 head fillers on the market, the IMP2 has automatic lid dispense and lid pickup. Using the same hardware technology as our lager machines we have incorporated a fully automatic lid displace and pick up. The lid slide also has underlid CO2 flow that operates as the cans are passing under the lid pick up.

Seaming on the IMP2 is completed effortlessly and accurately due to our revolutionary new electronic seamer. The proven system provides industry standard double seams that can be compared to any high end multi head machines. Microcan have developed seamer tooling with a proven extensive double lifespan. If adjustments are required, they can be carried out simply on screen to maintain high tolerances.

Once cans have been seamed and cleared from the seamer by the electronic pusher, they are then positioned under freshwater rinse nozzles that are controlled on a timer that is adjusted on screen to save water. Two blower valves are built in and operate automatically, the first is directly after the water rinse, the second is positioned as the cans exit the machine. The cans at the exit point have been rinsed and blown with clean air but can still be wet.

The machine is adjustable to any standard manufactured can size within minutes if the can is the same diameter the adjustment is then as simple as undoing 4 lock off points and moving the seamer plate via a rotating handle on a gearbox. No parts are required, and automatic control is built in to ensure the seamer has the correct parameters to perform a full seam. If the seamer plate is positioned incorrectly the machine will alarm with a seam error and correction will be prompted.

After using the IMP2, it’s important it gets cleaned correctly. The machine has been designed with washdown in mind, all areas within the machine that could come in contact with the product have been designed to fully wash down with a hose. The IMP2 is also is also capable of HOT CIP. We recommend flushing after every canning run with 20 litres of 60-degree Caustic @ 1%, rinse flush with 40 Litres of water and then stand until next run. Peracetic acid @ 1% slow flush of 15 Litres just before canning production.

Machine specification

  • Stainless steel box section frame
  • Fully compliant safety system
  • Compressed air digital pressure display
  • CO2 digital pressure display
  • CO2 flow switch with volume control and digital display
  • Controls via touch screen
  • 2 x gas pre-purge spears
  • 2 x full 316 stainless steel bottom close filling valves
  • 1 can in place sensor to signal automatic fill
  • Automatic Lid dispense and lid pick up
  • Pneumatic full can push cylinder to seamer lane
  • Electronic can push to seamer for accurate positioning
  • Seaming pressure monitoring to ensure correct seam pressure
  • Fresh water rinsing via auto control
  • 2 stage air blow off on exit
  • Removable collection table with built in drip tray
  • 40mm wastewater trap to direct water away from machine

Optional Extras

The IMP2 can be made into a fully automated canning line by adding optional extras such as:

  • Automatic 900mm rotary infeed table 240volt
  • Linx 10 date code unit to pre date bottom of can 240volt
  • Automatic label applicator with built in collection end of line. 240volt
  • Compressor with built in filters and airline

Requirements On Site

  • 240volt standard 3 pin sockets required for ALL equipment
  • Compressed air 5 CFM @ 6 Bar
  • CO2 @2.5 Bar via a 3/8” john guest push fit / recommended 50 litre per minute purge
  • Fresh water rinse via standard Hoze lock (garden hose connector)
  • Product connection via 1.5” Tri clamp

Fully Automated Canning System

The IMP2 is the must-have fully integrated, automated canning solution that cleans, fills and seals cans ready for sale or retail.

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