TR01-Tri Roller


The system is designed to operate as an independent unit by only one operator or as part of an automated production line. Straight sided, cylindrical containers are placed on the infeed table and automatically fed along the conveyor to the TRI-ROLLER labelling unit.

A pneumatically-powered separator ensures correct product feeding into the TRI-ROLLER unit one at a time, ensuring optimum labelling speed.

Product is rotated between the 3 rollers and the label is applied accurately around the circumference of the product.

Fast changeover is achieved by use of single finger screw adjuster moving both idle rollers for varying container diameters and a turnwheel moves complete idle roller assembly and product guide rail.

After labels are are applied, containers collated on outfeed rotary table. Design of the TRI-ROLLER labeller allows transfer of containers from rotary to other conveyors.

Labelling Speeds. 40 to 70 ppm dependant of size of product and label.

The TRI-ROLLER system can be mounted on a stainless steel cabinet base housing all controls and has a capacity of between 30 to 70ppm.

Technical specification

  • Label head: 120, 200, 250 & 300mm web widths, left or right handed. Label detection by p.e. cell or microswitch. Roll max, 240mm diameter, 45mm or 76mm ID cores
  • Conveyor: Width: 82mm upwards. Length: 2m upwards. Speed to suit product.
  • Hot foil coder (optional): Print areas 12mm x 30mm or 40mm x 28mm. Variable temperature, dwell controls and ribbon indexing. Pneumatically operated.
  • Thermal transfer printer (optional): Print areas 30mm x 40mm, 50mm x 70mm & 128mm x 70mm. Label design software & consumables.
  • Rotary tables: 600mm & 900mm diameter in-feed tables with optional product separators & bottle dividers 600mm to 1500mm Out-feed tables available to suit any product.
  • Options: Product registration sensor. Product Separator. Label counters, standard or pre-set to stop. Batch number and label verifiers. End of roll alarm/warning light
  • Services: 220/240V AC. 50/60Hz, 600 watt. Clean compressed air, 6 bar max. 8 litre/min. (In-line Coder Option).

Compact labelling system

For edge to edge and labelling of round containers in registers.

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